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Hengshui Yimei New Materials Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focus on wax products  deep  processing, determines to become China's most  professional wax products supplier. Mainly produce: PE wax, oxidized PE wax, fischer-tropsch wax, oxidized FT wax, polypropylene wax,  maleic  anhydride  grafting wax,  micronized wax, etc.


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2019 China PLAS Exhibition
Hengshui Yimei New Materials Exhibition Chongqing Plastics Additives Annual meeting warmly
Celebrating the Chongqing Plastics Additives Annual meeting from November 27 to 29 2018 at the Huachen National Hotel Chongqing. The meeting is an exchange of technical information on the production and application of plastic additives organized by the standing Committee of the plastic Additives Committee of the China Plastics Association.

We export our products worldwide and provide an assurance of quality for our products.


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