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Factors affecting the material properties of filled plastics

The particles are in the form in which the filler is present. The shape of the particles is not very regular, but there are significant differences in the geometry of different kinds of fillers. For flake fillers, the concept of diameter-thickness ratio is often used, that is, the ratio of the average diameter to the thickness of flake particles; for fibrous fillers




The Undesirable Phenomenon and Solution of PVC Cable Material Extrusion

The surface of the die sleeve bearing diameter is not smooth or notched, or there are plastic decomposition products accumulated at the die opening, causing traces on the surface; When selecting the die, carefully check whether the surface of the bearing diameter is smooth, appropriately reduce the die temperature, and immediately remove the deposits found at the die opening.




Surface Modification of Polyethylene Wax Powder

In most cases, the change of powder surface properties is achieved by coating or coating various organic or inorganic chemicals (I. e., surface modifiers) on the surface of the powder particles. Therefore, in a sense, the surface modifier is the key to the powder surface modification technology.




Surface treatment of polyethylene wax filler

Inorganic fillers, whether salt, oxide, or metal powder, are polar water-insoluble substances, when they are dispersed in the polar organic polymer resin, due to the difference in polarity, resulting in poor compatibility between the two, thus the processing performance of filled plastics and the use of performance of products to bring adverse effects.


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