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Composite lubricant H106 special for PVC foam board

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High-class Synthetic Wax

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Melting point






H106 125±5 400-500 90±5 Powder 

H106 is a multifunctional composite lubricant specially designed for PVC foam board. It has both internal and external lubrication functions, balances the lubrication in the early, middle and late stages. It can effectively improve the firmness of the bubble hole, reduce the phenomenon of breaking holes. And improve the gloss of the surface, has excellent demoulding effect in the late stage.


Method of use and addition amount: replace all lubricants in the formula- calcium stearate, polyethylene wax, fischer-tropsch wax, maleic anhydride grafted PE wax, oxidized PE wax, glyceryl monostearate, etc. The amount of addition is 20% lower than the total amount of all internal and external lubricants added in the original formula.

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