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Fischer tropsch wax F80

SpecificationF100F105F110TestingstandardsMeltingpoint100±5 105±5110±5ASTMD87Viscosity(mm2/s@140℃)8-101012ASTMD445Penetration(dmm@25℃)642ASTMD1321      AppearanceFlake/PowderFlake/PowderFlake/Powder---


Fischer-tropsch Wax

Product Details

Model Melting point
F80 80 ± 2 7 < 3 0.92 80±5 Particle


Fischer Tropsch wax is a methylene polymer, which is an alkane polymer synthesized from hydrocarbon syngas or natural gas. It mainly relies on high quality and cheap raw materials of coal chemical industry for iron-based or cobalt-based synthesis, which has obvious advantages over crude oil wax price.
1. PVC profiles, tubing;
2. Powder coating resin;
3. EVA base hot melt adhesive;
4. Rubber processing;
5. Paint ink;
6. Filled masterbatch, defoamer;
7. Fiber products.
1. Excellent external lubrication effect, improve the production speed of finished products;
2. Improve lubrication, reduce processing torque, reduce energy consumption;
3. Enhance heat resistance and fast drying properties of adhesives;
4. Improve the molding rate, form a harmonious protective layer;
5. Enhance anti-scraping, wear resistance, improve loosening, prevent pigment sink;
6. Make calcium powder, talc powder, calcium hydroxide and other inorganic powders dispersed more evenly;
7. Improve wear resistance, tear strength, anti-wrinkle force, sewing, adjust the tactile degree.
Fischer tropsch wax Manufacturers china


Fischer Tropsch wax is a high-quality material that is widely used in candle making due to its exceptional properties and performance. Derived from natural gas or coal gasification, Fischer Tropsch wax undergoes a refining process to produce a clean and pure wax suitable for candle production.

One of the key advantages of Fischer Tropsch wax in candle making is its excellent burning characteristics. It has a high melting point, typically above 65°C, which ensures a longer and more controlled burn time. This results in candles that burn evenly, with reduced dripping and minimal soot formation.

Fischer Tropsch wax also offers excellent fragrance retention, allowing candles to release their scents effectively and consistently throughout the burning process. This enhances the overall sensory experience and creates a pleasant ambiance.

Furthermore, Fischer Tropsch wax has superior hardness and texture, making it easy to work with during candle manufacturing. It can be easily molded or shaped into various designs without losing its structural integrity.

In addition to its performance benefits, Fischer Tropsch wax is also environmentally friendly. It is a renewable resource and does not release harmful emissions or toxins when burned, contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment.

Overall, Fischer Tropsch wax is an excellent choice for candle making due to its exceptional burning characteristics, fragrance retention, ease of use, and environmental sustainability. With its high-quality properties, candles made with Fischer Tropsch wax provide an enhanced sensory experience and are highly sought after by candle enthusiasts and artisans.


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