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PE Wax PE100



PE Wax

Product Details


Melting point ()



Hardness  (dmm)












1. PVC profile, pipe, foaming board, wood plastic;

2. Masterbatch, filler masterbatch, modified masterbatch, functional masterbatch;

3. PVC Stabillizer;

4. Hot melt adhesive;

5. Paint, coating, road marking paint;

6. Paraffin wax; 

7. Rubber processing.


1. As a lubricant, brightener, improve smoothness, reduce processing torque;

2. Improve the dispersion capacity and appearance quality;

3. Improve the overall use effect and cost performance; 

4. Adjust viscosity, hardness, improve fluidity and fast drying;

5. Improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-rubbing dirty and other properties;

6. As a modifier to improve the melting point, crystallinity of paraffin;

7. Improve the extrusion molding rate, demoulding, improve brightness and smoothness.


PE wax for PVC pipe is a crucial material in the production of PVC pipe. It is a type of low molecular weight polyethylene wax that is commonly used as an external lubricant for PVC resin processing. PE wax can greatly improve the surface quality and overall performance of PVC pipes.

PE wax for PVC pipe has excellent compatibility with PVC resin, making it an ideal material for this specific application. PE wax can effectively form a stable composite with PVC resin, which not only improves the processing performance but also provides excellent surface gloss and transparency to the PVC pipes. PE wax also enhances the mechanical properties, such as impact resistance and tensile strength, of the final PVC pipe products.

In addition, PE wax for PVC pipe has excellent chemical resistance and improves the weatherability of the PVC pipes. PE wax can effectively prevent PVC pipes from becoming brittle or discolored due to oxidation or UV exposure. This makes the PVC pipes more durable and reliable for long-term use.

PE wax for PVC pipe is available in a variety of types and grades, depending on the specific requirements of the PVC pipe production process. The molecular weight, melting point, and other parameters of PE wax can be adjusted to meet the specific performance needs of PVC pipes. This provides PVC pipe manufacturers with a versatile and customizable material that can support a variety of production needs.

In conclusion, PE wax is a crucial material in the manufacturing of PVC pipes. It provides excellent lubrication, improves processing efficiency, enhances the mechanical properties of the final product, and improves the overall durability and reliability of the PVC pipes. PE wax for PVC pipe is a great choice for manufacturers who are looking for a versatile and high-performance material to enhance the quality of their PVC pipe production.


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