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PE Wax Flake L101

Used asexcellent external lubricant in PVC profile, pipe, pipe fitting, foam board,WPC products, etc. It has good late-period lubricating ability, and will bring more glossy appearanceand lower proces


PE Wax

Product Details

Grade Melting point
Molecular weight Whiteness
L101 110±5 20-100 2000-3000 85±5 0.94 2 Flake/Powder



(1)Excellent external lubricant in PVC profile, pipe, pipe fitting, foam board,WPC products, etc. It has good late-period lubricating ability, and will bring more glossy appearanceand lower processing torque.

(2)As efficient dispersant in masterbatch, filledmasterbatch, modified masterbatch and functional masterbatch. It makes the products inorganic components and pigmentsdispersed better, and get more beautiful appearance.

(3)Excellent external lubricant in PVC stabilizer,especially in Ca-Zn stabilizer. Additional use suitable inner lubricant, it will highly improve the overall effect ofstabilizer and increase the cost-effective correspondingly.

(4)Used in hot melt adhesives can better adjust the productsviscosity and hardness, improve its fluidity.

(5)In paint, coating and the road marking paint, its mainperformance is heat resistance, deforming, leveling, anti-setting and dispersion. It can increase the productssurface hardness, wear-resistance and anti-smearing properties.

(6)As modifier in paraffin wax, and improve the paraffin’smelting point, crystallinity, etc.

(7)Releasing agent and protective agent in rubber.



PE wax flake, also known as polyethylene wax flake, is a versatile and widely used product in various industries due to its exceptional properties and applications. PE wax flake is a type of synthetic wax that is derived from polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer known for its toughness, flexibility, and chemical resistance. This unique material is produced through a process of polymerization and subsequent refinement, resulting in a wax with a low molecular weight and excellent performance characteristics.

One of the key features of PE wax flake is its low viscosity, which makes it an ideal additive for improving the flow and processing properties of various materials. When incorporated into formulations, PE wax flake acts as a lubricant and release agent, enhancing the fluidity and workability of products such as PVC, masterbatches, and rubber compounds. Its low viscosity also allows for easy dispersion and blending, contributing to the overall efficiency of manufacturing processes.

In addition, PE wax flake exhibits excellent moisture resistance and barrier properties, making it suitable for use in coatings, adhesives, and sealants. Its hydrophobic nature helps to repel water and moisture, providing durability and protection for surfaces and substrates. Furthermore, PE wax flake serves as an effective binder and anti-blocking agent in coating applications, improving adhesion and preventing surfaces from sticking together during storage and transportation.

Furthermore, PE wax flake functions as a compatibilizer and processing aid in polymer blends and compounding applications. By promoting the dispersion of fillers and reinforcing agents, PE wax flake enhances the mechanical properties and overall performance of composite materials. Its ability to reduce melt viscosity and improve fusion of dissimilar polymers makes it an essential additive for achieving homogeneous and high-quality end products.

Moreover, PE wax flake is valued for its non-toxic nature and compliance with regulatory standards, making it suitable for use in food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other sensitive applications. Its inertness and stability ensure that it does not impart any unwanted flavors or odors to packaged goods, maintaining the integrity and safety of the contents.

In conclusion, PE wax flake is a highly versatile and valuable product with a wide range of applications across various industries. Its unique combination of low viscosity, moisture resistance, compatibility, and safety make it an indispensable additive for improving the performance and properties of numerous materials and products. Whether enhancing processing efficiency, providing protection, or ensuring quality and safety, PE wax flake continues to be an essential component in the formulation of innovative solutions.

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