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FT Wax Synthetic Wax F60

Used as excellent external lubricant in PVCprofile, pipe, pipe fitting, foam board, WPC products, etc. It has goodlate-period lubricating ability, and will bring more glossy appearance andlower proces


Fischer-tropsch Wax

Product Details


Model Melting point     (℃) Viscosity
      Volatility          (%) Whiteness
F60 60 ± 2 6 < 5 80 ± 5 0.92 Particle
Fischer Tropsch wax is a methylene polymer, which is an alkane polymer synthesized from hydrocarbon syngas or natural gas. It mainly relies on high quality and cheap raw materials of coal chemical industry for iron-based or cobalt-based synthesis, which has obvious advantages over crude oil wax price.


1. PVC profiles, tubing;

2. Powder coating resin;

3. EVA base hot melt adhesive;

4. Rubber processing;

5. Paint ink;

6. Filler masterbatch, defoamer;

7. Fiber products.



1. Excellent external lubrication effect, improve the production speed of finished products;

2. Improve lubrication, reduce processing torque, reduce energy consumption;

3. Enhance heat resistance and fast drying properties of adhesives;

4. Improve the molding rate, form a harmonious protective layer;

5. Enhance anti-scraping, wear resistance, improve loosening, prevent pigment sink;

6. Make calcium powder, talc powder, calcium hydroxide and other inorganic powders dispersed more evenly;

7. Improve wear resistance, tear strength, anti-wrinkle force, sewing, adjust the tactile degree.


Fischer-Tropsch wax (FT wax) is a synthetic wax derived from the conversion of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases into long-chain hydrocarbons. FT wax offers unique properties that make it a valuable additive in various industries, including coatings, adhesives, and personal care products.

In the coatings industry, FT wax is used as a surface modifier and rheology modifier. It enhances the scratch resistance, anti-blocking properties, and overall durability of coatings and paints. The wax's high molecular weight and low polydispersity make it an ideal additive for improving the hardness and gloss of coatings. FT wax also acts as a rheology modifier, controlling the viscosity and flow behavior of the coating, leading to optimal application and film formation.

In the adhesives industry, FT wax acts as a tackifier and viscosity modifier. It improves the adhesion properties of adhesives and sealants, enhancing their bond strength and durability. Additionally, it acts as a viscosity modifier, controlling the rheological properties of the adhesive formulation, ensuring optimal application and performance.


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