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OPE wax OPE829 oxidized polyethylene wax

The product has good thermal stability and strong dispersion. It turns to transparent after melt and has excellent inter-miscibility with most resins. The lubricant and transparency ability is obvious


Oxidized PE Wax

Product Details

Grade Melting point
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) Viscosity
OPE829 110±5 15-20 30-60 <3 2 0.93 Powder

Oxidized polyethylene wax is an excellent new type of polar wax. Because the molecular chain of oxidized polyethylene wax has a certain amount of carbonyl groups and hydroxyl groups, the compatibility with fillers, pigments, and polar resins is significantly improved. Wettability and dispersibility in polar systems is better than polyethylene wax, and it also has coupling properties, its performance is equivalent to American Honeywell A-C wax.


1. PVC film, profile, pipe, plastic processing;

2. After emulsification, used for paper industry, printing and dyeing and garment industry, water-based ink, water-based shoe polish;

3. Hot melt glue, adhesives.



1. With good compatibility, provide good internal and external lubrication, and dispersion. Improve surface smoothness, promote plasticizing, demoulding and yield;

2. As a good dispersion emulsifier, release agent, improve flexibility and moisture resistance;

3. Increase the intensity, glossiness, combustion complete, no black smoke;

4. Improve the dispersion, improve the appearance of the finished product.



Oxidized PE wax, also known as oxidized polyethylene wax, is a specialized type of wax that has undergone a controlled oxidation process. This process modifies the molecular structure of polyethylene wax, resulting in improved properties and expanded applications. Oxidized PE wax is widely used in industries such as coatings, plastics, and rubber.

Oxidized PE wax possesses unique characteristics that make it a valuable additive in various formulations. It offers excellent dispersibility, low viscosity, and good compatibility with a wide range of materials. This wax is produced by subjecting polyethylene wax to controlled oxidation, which introduces carboxyl groups into the molecular structure. The degree of oxidation can be adjusted to achieve specific performance requirements.

In the coatings industry, oxidized PE wax is utilized as a matting agent and surface modifier. It improves scratch resistance, anti-blocking properties, and anti-slip characteristics in coatings and paints. The wax's small particle size allows for easy dispersion and uniform distribution within the coating, resulting in a smooth and even finish. Additionally, it enhances the coating's hardness, chemical resistance, and overall durability.

In the plastics industry, oxidized PE wax acts as a processing aid and lubricant. It improves the flow properties of molten polymers during processing, reducing friction and enhancing mold release. This wax also enhances the dispersion of additives and pigments, resulting in improved color distribution and reduced haze in plastic products. Moreover, it imparts anti-blocking properties and reduces surface tackiness in plastic films and sheets.

In the rubber industry, oxidized PE wax is used as a dispersing agent and processing aid. It improves the dispersion of fillers and reinforcements in rubber compounds, leading to enhanced mechanical properties and reduced compound viscosity. The wax also acts as a lubricant during the processing of rubber, improving extrusion and calendering operations.

Overall, oxidized PE wax is a versatile additive that offers numerous benefits in various industries. Its unique properties, including improved dispersibility, low viscosity, and compatibility with different materials, make it a valuable component in coatings, plastics, and rubber applications. Its ability to enhance surface properties, processability, and overall performance makes oxidized PE wax a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking to improve their products' quality and functionality.

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