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PVC Resin SG7

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PVC Resin

Product Details

Grade Viscosity
K value Average polymerization
SG7 95-87 62-60 850-750

Applications: Pipes, profiles, plates, etc.



PVC Resin SG7, also known as suspension grade polyvinyl chloride resin, is a versatile and widely used material in the production of a diverse range of plastic products. PVC Resin SG7 is a type of vinyl polymer that is renowned for its exceptional properties and applications. This unique material is produced through a polymerization process that results in a fine powder with excellent performance characteristics.

One of the key features of PVC Resin SG7 is its high molecular weight and good thermal stability, which makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing rigid products such as pipes, fittings, profiles, and plates. Its excellent mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and impact resistance, contribute to the durability and long-term performance of these end products.

In addition, PVC Resin SG7 exhibits outstanding chemical resistance, making it suitable for use in applications where exposure to aggressive environments is a concern. Its ability to withstand corrosion from acids, bases, and salts ensures the integrity and longevity of products used in challenging industrial and chemical processing settings.

Furthermore, PVC Resin SG7 is valued for its excellent processability and compatibility with various additives, allowing for efficient and cost-effective production processes. When combined with plasticizers, stabilizers, and other modifiers, PVC Resin SG7 can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements, including flexibility, weatherability, and UV resistance. Its versatility in formulation enables manufacturers to create a wide array of customized products to suit different applications and market demands.

Moreover, PVC Resin SG7 is widely used in construction, automotive, and industrial sectors due to its fire retardant properties and low smoke generation characteristics. These attributes make it a preferred material for applications where fire safety and regulatory compliance are critical considerations.

In conclusion, PVC Resin SG7 is a highly versatile and valuable material with a wide range of applications across various industries. Its unique combination of mechanical strength, chemical resistance, processability, and fire retardancy make it an essential component in the production of high-quality plastic products. Whether used in building and construction, automotive components, or industrial applications, PVC Resin SG7 continues to play a vital role in enabling innovation and advancing technological solutions.

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