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Processing Aid ACR

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White  powder

Apparent density, (g/cm3)


Intrinsic viscosity


Volatility %


Granularity (40 mesh through), %



ACR is a acrylicester copolymer, which belongs to the core - shell structure copolymer. Compared with PVC molecules, its molecular weight is higher, generally in about 1 million to 8 million (weight average molecular weight), the true density is 1.05g /cm3 ~ 1.20 g/cm3. Its preparation is a variety of acrylic and crosslinking agent, emulsifier, initiator, molecular weight regulator and other raw materials, after emulsion polymerization for many times to prepare white fine non-toxic, non-corrosive powder.



1. The impact resistance modification effect is significant: a small amount of addition can get higher impact strength at room temperature and low temperature.

2. A wide range of processing temperature.

3. Low film expansion :ACR/PVC blend system has small outlet expansion, low thermal shrinkage, stable size, suitable for high speed extrusion of profile.



Suitable for hard PVC products: PVC sheet, profile, film, granule, pipe, pipe fitting, low foaming products, gusset, etc., suitable for various PVC processing technology, such as extrusion, calendering, etc.

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