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Chlorine content  (%) 


Heat of fusion (J/g)            


Volatile (%) 


Residue on sieve (mesh of 0.9mm)/%     


Impurity particles (100g)    


Ash content (%)        


Tensile strength (MPa)            


Shore Hardness (°)     



CPE135A is produced by chlorination of high-density polyethylene, that is, by partially replacing hydrogen atoms on the chain of HDPE molecules with chlorine atoms. It can be used as the impact modifier of PVC and other polymer materials to improve the impact performance of PVC products. 


1. Because CPE molecules do not contain double chain, it has good weather resistance, anti-flaming properties, thermal stability is better than PVC, low cost, excellent performance. 
2. Soluble in aromatic and halogen substitution, insoluble in fat, decomposition at 170℃ above, the release of hydrogen chloride gas. 
3. It has a stable chemical structure, excellent aging resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, free coloration, chemical resistance, ozone resistance and electrical insulation and good compatibility and processing.
4. It can be combined with PVC, PE, PS and rubber to improve its physical properties.


PVC profile, non-conventional PVC, PVC pipe, PVC pipe fittings. It is also used for the soft products together with PVC, EVA or paracril.

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