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Oxidized Fischer-tropsch Wax OFT110

The product has good thermal stability and strong dispersion. It turns to transparent after melt and has excellent inter-miscibility with most resins. The lubricant and transparency ability is obvious


Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch Wax

Product Details

Grade Melting point
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) Volatility (%) Whiteness
Hardness  (dmm) Appearance
OFT110 110±5 15-20 <5 80±5 0.92 2 Powder/particle 



1. In PVC film, profile, pipe, plastic processing;

2. After ulsification for the paper industry, printing and dyeing and garment industry, water-based ink, water-based shoe polish;

3. Hot melt glue, adhesives.



1. With good compatibility, to provide good internal and external lubrication, dispersion.Improve surface smoothness, promote plasticizing, demoulding and yield;

2. Good dispersion emulsifier, release agent, improve flexibility and moisture resistance;

3. Increase the intensity, gloss, combustion complete, no black smoke;

4. Improve the dispersion, improve the appearance of the finished product.


Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is a specialized type of wax produced through the oxidation process of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. It is derived from natural gas or coal gasification and undergoes a series of refining steps to achieve the desired properties.

Oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax possesses unique characteristics that make it highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. It has a high melting point, typically above 140°C, which ensures stability at elevated temperatures. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where thermal stability is critical, such as in hot melt adhesives, printing inks, and coatings.

One of the key advantages of oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is its superior hardness and resistance to abrasion. This property makes it ideal for use as a lubricant additive in various industries, including plastics processing, rubber compounding, and metalworking. The wax acts as a lubricating agent, reducing friction and wear in mechanical systems, prolonging their lifespan and ensuring smooth operation.

Another notable attribute of oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is its compatibility with a wide range of polymers and resins. It can be easily blended with other materials, enhancing their processing and performance characteristics. When used as an additive in plastics, it improves melt flow, reduces extrusion pressure, and enhances surface finish. In coatings and printing inks, it provides increased resistance to scratching, improved gloss, and better adhesion.

Furthermore, oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax exhibits excellent water repellency and moisture resistance. This makes it suitable for applications that require protection against water or moisture, such as in packaging materials, textiles, and leather goods. The wax forms a protective barrier, preventing the penetration of water and maintaining the integrity of the treated materials.

Due to its synthetic nature, oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax offers consistent quality and purity, ensuring reliable and predictable performance. It is free from impurities and unwanted additives, making it a preferred choice in industries where product consistency is crucial, such as pharmaceuticals and food packaging.

In summary, oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is a unique and highly versatile material with a wide range of applications. Its exceptional thermal stability, hardness, lubricating properties, compatibility with various materials, water repellency, and consistent quality make it an ideal choice for multiple industries. As technology continues to advance, the demand for oxidized Fischer-Tropsch wax is expected to grow, driven by its ability to enhance the performance and durability of countless products.


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