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Introduction of Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Characteristics

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Oxidized polyethylene wax has good wettability, permeability and fluidity

Introduction of Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Characteristics

oxidized polyethylene waxNon-toxic, non-corrosive, strength is relatively large, can be widely used in various fields. It has a high softening point and low melt viscosity, and has good moisture resistance at room temperature.

Chemical resistance, electrical properties, wear resistance and temperature resistance, according to different production methods, polyethylene wax is divided into aggregation type and cracking type. Polymeric polyethylene waxes are generally produced from the by-products of high pressure polyethylene polymerization. High pressure cracking polyethylene is a solid hydrocarbon with white long carbon chain and carbon bond by cracking transparent polyethylene resin or waste plastic. This is mainly a kind of widely used synthetic wax.

Oxidized polyethylene wax has good wettability, permeability and flowability. With the use of paint, paint, ink, etc., can produce desalination, astigmatism, smooth and other effects. Polyethylene waxes contrast well with other types of waxes and polyolefin resins. Capacitive polyethylene wax after proper oxidation, with a certain acid value, become oxidized polyethylene wax.

Manufacturers of oxidized polyethylene waxes emphasize that polyethylene waxes are produced in ore veins or filled in pores or crevices of rock formations. Appearance is light yellow to brownish black solid to semi-solid, specific gravity lower than liquid paraffin. The specific composition is that the solid paraffin can expand when heated. The cold lake area is specially made of refined microcrystalline wax and high-quality additives. He has good flexibility, adhesion and water resistance. It is an additive for the processing of fine craft candles.

In the paraffin base oil and paraffin crude oil stable seepage link, due to the temperature drop precipitation crystallization, there is a natural wax production rate. Some can enhance the texture or luster of leather products, and some can cause matte effect, showing the charm of the leather layer.

The particle size of the wax emulsion that causes the bright effect is not large, and the composition is relatively simple. A uniform and continuous wax film is formed on the surface of leather products. The outer film is very smooth, it has a strong reflection effect on microwave, and then has texture; the particle size of the wax emulsion that produces the shaving effect is large, and the polyethylene wax forms an uneven and uneven surface on the surface of leather products, which has a strong effect on microwave transmission.

Although there are many ways to use wax, microsilica wax is still popular. At present, there are many kinds of micro silicon wax on the market, and the production process of each manufacturer is not the same, which makes the particle size distribution of micro silicon wax different when leaving the factory. Relative molecular mass, relative density, melting point, strength and other properties have some differences.

Oxidized polyethylene wax production and extraction methods can generally be divided into the following aspects:

1. Melting method: the organic solvent is heated and melted in a closed high-pressure container, and then sent to a moderately refrigerated environment to obtain the finished product; the main disadvantage is that the quality is not easy to control, the operating cost is high, and the risk is high. At the same time, some waxes are not satisfied with this method.

2. Emulsion method: fine and round particles can be obtained, which is suitable for water-soluble system software, but the added surfactant will affect the water resistance of the coating.

3. Dispersion method: add resin wax/aqueous solution to the wax, and use cement ball mill, drum or other dispersion equipment to disperse; the main disadvantage is that it is difficult to obtain high-quality products and the cost is high.

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