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What are the advantages of PE wax? What role does it play in crayons?

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What are the advantages of PE wax? What role does it play in crayons?

What are the advantages of PE wax? What role does it play in crayons?

PE waxWhat role does it play in crayons? PE wax basically has three advantages:

1. PE wax for masterbatch with low price

In pigment dispersions, it can be used to color undyed PVC or polyamide, thereby improving mold release properties. It has proven to be an excellent binder for binding pigments to polymer particles and a good binder for dust-free, caking-free, flowable pigment concentrate slurries in high-speed mixers.

2.PE wax cheap

An important application of PE wax is the processing of PVC. Compared with fatty acid lubricants, it has no adverse effect on melt stress or Vicat softening temperature, and has excellent anti-clogging and flow control effects. In a special processing method, PE wax can be used to control melting. Even if the amount is large, it can be well compatible with other ingredients.

3. PE wax for engineering plastics is cheap and cost-effective

Due to the continuous demand for engineering plastics and the efforts of plastic manufacturers to develop new markets for special products, the development of new plastics has been increasing. Due to the continuous advancement of application technology, these plastics often bring processing difficulties. Either they have a high molecular weight and are therefore poorly flowable, or they are copolymers which are, for example, durable at low temperatures and very viscous after processing.

In these applications, additives for engineering plastics have very low volatility, internal and external lubrication of polar and non-polar plastics, as well as increased anti-migration and mold release properties.

Crayons and oil sticks are familiar to everyone. They are colorful and can draw colorful patterns. Do you know the ingredients of crayons? What role does PE wax play in crayons?

The main ingredients of crayons include: wax (paraffin, microcrystalline, PE wax, beeswax, etc.) Coloring agent, stearic acid, animal fat, filler, etc. Water-soluble crayons also contain emulsifying wax and polyethylene glycol.

There are two main ways to make crayons: molding or extrusion (extrusion through a die). Molded crayons contain a low melting point wax. Or the proportion of extruded wax filler is higher and the density is higher. "Hard" molding crayons contain PE wax, which has higher breaking strength, smoother paving surface, easier demoulding, and reduced scale on the mold surface.

PE wax plays the following roles in crayons:

1. Pigment dispersant, adding PE wax to the production material can make the pigment disperse quickly after water, and make the pigment permeate and diffuse after water. 2.PE wax plays the role of uniform dispersion and enhances the chroma of the color.

3.PE wax is a kind of high melting point wax, which can improve the hardness, strength and surface gloss of crayons.

4. Excellent lubrication performance, easy demoulding, reduce accumulation.

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