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The use of polypropylene wax related knowledge?

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Do you know what polypropylene wax is? What is its function?

The use of polypropylene wax related knowledge?

Do you knowpolypropylene waxIs it something? What is its function?

Polypropylene wax has the characteristics of high melting point, low melting point, good lubricity and dispersion. It is an excellent additive for polyolefin processing and has high practical characteristics. When processing high-viscosity polypropylene fiber, adding this product can improve MI value, improve lubricity and fluidity, reduce flat wire breakage, improve smoothness, and is a suitable denaturant for polyolefin melt index. When in use, everyone should know that when a large amount of filler is added to polypropylene, injection molding is more difficult, the surface of the product is rough, and it is not easy to demold. Adding an appropriate amount of polypropylene wax can increase the fluidity of the mixture and make the materials compatible. The mixing of polypropylene wax makes the product easy to demold and improves the finish of the finished product. It can be used as a carrier for the manufacture of toner for electrostatic copiers. It has excellent lubrication, can improve the melting point and moisture resistance of the toner, and prevent the copy from sticking. It can improve the appearance quality and transparency of the film and eliminate the phenomenon of shark skin.

Polypropylene wax is a dispersant and lubricant for the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot spinning masterbatch. It can replace polypropylene wax in the production of high-temperature spinning masterbatch and overcome the sublimation and odor of polypropylene wax during high-temperature spinning. Polypropylene wax is especially suitable for the dispersion and lubrication of polypropylene, polyester and nylon spinning special masterbatch. Polypropylene wax is now used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant hot melt adhesives. It is a wear-resistant agent for printing ink, which can improve the wear resistance of ink, overcome friction and improve temperature resistance. Widely used in chemical fiber granulation, electrostatic copy carbon foundation paper manufacturing, ink wear-resistant agent; LLDPE, HDPE and other polyolefin resin modifier and energy-saving agent; also used in polypropylene injection molding, wire drawing release agent. With polypropylene wax can improve the ink sharpness, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance and transparency, can replace high molecular weight polyamide resin.

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