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What is oxidized polyethylene wax? What are the characteristics?

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Oxidized polyethylene wax these things from the name point of view, is basically used in the industrial field of products, most of us have not seen nor heard, you can say that in life is not very common, then oxidized polyethylene wax is what?

What is oxidized polyethylene wax? What are the characteristics?

  oxidized polyethylene waxFrom the name point of view, these things are basically products used in the industrial field. Most of us have not seen or heard of them. You can say that they are not very common in life. So what are the characteristics of oxidized polyethylene wax?


  oxidized polyethylene waxIs an excellent new polar wax, in the polar system, the wax wettability, dispersion is better than polyethylene wax, and at the same time it also has coupling, with the United States Honeywell A- C wax a spell. Oxidized polyethylene wax, also known as OPEO wax, has low viscosity, high softening point, good hardness and other special properties, and has excellent external lubricity, and strong internal lubrication, as well as coupling effect, so that it can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, reduce production costs, so as to bring benefits to enterprises, so that enterprises profit. Since the molecular chain of the oxidized polyethylene wax has a certain amount of carbonyl group and hydroxyl group, the compatibility with fillers, pigments and polar resins can be greatly improved. Then through its following characteristics, it has no toxicity, and has relatively good thermal stability, its high temperature volatility is low, and it has good dispersibility of fillers and pigments, and it has good compatibility with some materials such as polyolefin resins. It is an ideal product to replace some special substances such as Montan wax, Sichuan wax, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline paraffin, natural paraffin, polyethylene wax, etc.

  oxidized polyethylene waxIt has good moisture resistance at normal temperature, strong chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, which can improve the appearance of the finished product. Moreover, its low molecular weight containing carbonyl group, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, and oxidized polyethylene wax molecular chain has a certain amount of carbonyl group and hydroxyl group. Oxidized polyethylene wax is an excellent new polar wax. In the plastic processing industry, its internal and external lubrication of PVC is relatively balanced. It can be widely used in water-based coatings and ink formulations, and can also provide excellent abrasion resistance, anti-adhesion and anti-scratch performance. If this material is added to a hard transparent, opaque PVC formulation, its lubricity is superior to other lubricants. At present, oxidized polyethylene wax is also widely used in foam board. In other aspects, its application will be relatively less because of the price. Then PVC foam board is relatively difficult to produce in PVC products, and there are many problems and relatively difficult to solve. However, if oxidized polyethylene wax is added in the production process, its plasticization can be obviously accelerated, so this is also the enterprise in the production process will choose oxidized polyethylene wax, you can see the unique oxidation of polyethylene wax.

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