Stone flooring has had a great impact on human life since its birth.

Stone flooring has had a great impact on human life since its birth.

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With the development of science and technology, plastics are more and more widely used in people's daily life, from the small space shuttle to people's tableware in the use of plastic products, in the building materials industry plastic products are more widely used.

Natural marble powder is used to form a solid base with high density and high fiber mesh structure, and the floor with super wear-resistant polymer PVC layer is gradually favored by consumers, that is, stone plastic flooring.

Stone plastic flooring, also called SPC flooring, is a high quality, high-tech research and development of a new type of ground decoration materials, using natural marble powder to form a high density, high fiber mesh structure of solid base, The surface is coated with super-wear resistant polymer PVC layer, which is processed by hundreds of working procedures.

The product lines lifelike beautiful, super wear-resistant, surface bright and not slippery, can be called 21 century high-tech new material model!

Compared with other floor decoration materials, stone plastic flooring has the following advantages: 1, environmental protection;

2, super light and super thin;

3, super wear resistance;

 4, high elasticity and super impact resistance;

5, super anti-slip;

6, fire and flame retardant;

7, waterproof and moisture-proof;

 8, sound absorption and noise prevention;

9, antibacterial performance;

10, small joint and seamless welding;

11, simple and easy to cut and splice;

12, quick installation;

13, a wide variety of colors;

14, acid and alkali corrosion;

15, thermal insulation;

16, easy to maintain;

17, environmentally renewable;

 18, international popularity; compared to no.

(1) contrast of stone plastic floor with carpet: the composition and production process are different: the carpet is made from natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass, etc., or chemical synthetic fibers, which are knit by hand or mechanical process. A ground covering made of pile or cloth.

Performance and maintenance are different: carpet is flammable, afraid of fire, water, moisture, and maintenance is very troublesome, very easy to dirty, easy to hide dirt, breeding bacteria.

The stone-plastic floor fire-resistant, water-free and moisture-free, very simple to clean with a rag, anti-fouling performance is good, antibacterial effect.



2 contrast of stone plastic floor with ceramic tile: composition and production process are different: the so-called ceramic tile is the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering with refractory metal oxide and semi-metallic oxide, The formation of one of the acidproof porcelain or stone, such as building or decorative materials, always called tiles...

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